Virtual School Assembly FAQ – Your Top 10 Questions Answered

Virtual School Assembly FAQ – Your Top 10 Questions Answered


Virtual School Assembly FAQ #1:

“Cris Johnson, what makes you different from other school assembly & library show presenters?”

A. “First, if any questions you may have are not answered in this virtual school assembly FAQ webpage, please contact me directly! Now, what makes me different…lots of things! First, I provide teacher support materials for all of my school assemblies to ensure that schools get the most value out of my programs. After the assembly is over the students will continue to benefit with these simple, easy-to-use classroom discussion ideas.

Also, regardless of which topic you select, the entire show is based on the topic you choose. Some assembly presenters show off whatever skill they have for 40 minutes of a 45 minute program then talk about the topic for only 5 minutes. Not me! The entire show is based on your topic. The magic, music and comedy in all of his shows is used to reinforce the message. Kids remember the magic trick as well as the message that went with it.

Another thing that separates me from other presenters is the fact that I have a very special technique to reduce the energy level of the children at the end of the show, making it so easy for teachers to walk the students back to their classrooms. Teachers LOVE this!!

Finally, I offer a “Better-Than-Money-Back” Guarantee…if for any reason you don’t feel I delivered what you expected, not only will I give you a full refund but I will also donate $500 to your school’s PTA/PTO…and in 20+ years of performing all across North America, NO ONE has ever taken me up on my guarantee!”

Virtual School Assembly FAQ #2:

“How far will you travel for a presentation?”

A. “For virtual assemblies, anywhere in the United States! In the past, I’ve traveled to 36 states across the country, as well as Canada, to present one of my extremely popular character education school assembly programs. These days, when live shows come back, I try to stick to the Northeastern states, performing school assemblies in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, etc.  I’ll even arrange all of my own travel and hotel accommodations so there is no hassle for you! For libraries and other community events, my travel area is smaller – I travel all across Western New York, from Niagara County (where I live) out toward the Finger Lake area as well as parts of Pennsylvania. If a series of libraries book in one concentrated span of days, I can travel further for libraries, too.

“Additionally, if you are outside of my typical travel area, I can offer you fun & amazing interactive virtual programs! Just ask me for details.”

Virtual School Assembly FAQ #3:

“Do you need a lot of space?”

A. “Nope – for virtual school assembly programs, it’s all virtual! But when live in-person shows come back, I will need a space that is about 20 feet wide and 10 feet deep. I bring a couple of tables and some good size props and backdrops for my interactive, magic filled school assembly programs. I have performed in cafeterias, gymnasiums and even the new multi-use rooms. For libraries and community events, I can adjust my show to fit the situation. I will adapt to your needs. For most library programs, I need a space that is about 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep. Regardless of your situation, I guarantees I’ll be the easiest school assembly presenter or library presenter you bring to your school or library!”

Virtual School Assembly FAQ #4:

“What platform do you use?”

A. “I understand that schools often need to use Google Meet so I am comfortable with that platform. However, if I am hosting, I use Zoom as it is very user-friendly and can accommodate up to 500 logins for a single show. My goal is to give you an easy, stress free experience!”

Virtual School Assembly FAQ #5:

“Why do you offer different assemblies for different grade levels?”

A. “Although I’ve done hundreds of highly successful elementary school assemblies for the entire student body in a school, I have found that breaking the students into two assemblies allows me to offer presentations geared to the comprehension level of the group. Obviously a second grade student and a fifth grade one will comprehend things on very different levels. It is an option that some schools like, and it’s just one more thing that sets my programs apart from the other presenters out there.”

Virtual School Assembly FAQ #6:

“What do you need from us?”

A. “Not much! If I am hosting, I have my own Zoom account which I set up for your school. When live in-person shows come back, if I am within driving distance to your school or library, I will need access to a normal power outlet to plug in my state-of-the-art sound system and an area to perform. If I need to fly to your area, I will need the school to provide a PA system. I provide my own microphone and can easily plug into virtually any sound system. That’s all I need!”

Virtual School Assembly FAQ #7:

“Do you offer prerecorded shows?”

A. “Yes, I do have prerecorded versions of all my virtual shows. While not as interactive for obvious reasons, logistically a prerecorded program makes sense because kids and families can watch it as often as they like for a full 30 days!”

Virtual School Assembly FAQ #8:

“Is the magic that you use the same for every show?”

A. “Absolutely not! I have different magic tricks and routines for each different show and topic. Many schools have invited me back multiple times in one year specifically because I have a great deal of different material for every school assembly program.”

Virtual School Assembly FAQ #9:

“Why do you guarantee your programs?”

A. “Simple. There are a lot of people out there claiming to have virtual assembly programs with real motivational/educational value, but sadly many aren’t worth your time or money. I offer such a strong guarantee so my clients can rest easy knowing that all of my programs contain high quality, curriculum based content on topics schools need to address. I am proud to say that in 15 years of performing no one has ever taken me up on my guarantee.”

Virtual School Assembly FAQ #10:

“Do you have any promotional material you can send me?”

A. “Most of my promo material is right here on the website, and easily downloadable. That being said, I understand that many times it is one person’s responsibility to gather information and then pass it on to a committee or school official. Simply call me at (716) 940-8963 and I will be more than happy to rush you a complete Information Package containing information on all of my programs and a copy of my demo videos for each assembly topic. It also comes with a collection of 50 testimonial letters and evaluation forms, an audio recording of additional comments from school administrators and several Free Special Reports on funding, tips for hiring a presenter and much more. The entire package is on a CD disk as I understand the importance of going green. After receiving the information, you can choose whether you want to print it or share it with your committee members in digital form. I will send the information via Priority Mail so you get it fast!

“Finally, most of the information is available for download instantly! Simply enter your contact information on the ‘Contact Us’ page and click ‘submit’ and you will be taken to a download page where all of the information will be available to you in PDF form!”


“Do you maintain a valid insurance policy?”

A. “Yes, I am fully insured and will be glad to email you a copy of my insurance certificate. There has never been any kind of ‘incident’ at any of my thousands of performances, but I maintain an insurance policy for my clients’ peace of mind.”


“What kind of discounts and promotions do you offer?”

A. “I offer generous discounts for schools that book multiple programs. I also offer ‘block booking’ discounts if more than one school in the area books programs. And don’t forget about my fundraising programs to help offset your investment!”

Call me at (716) 940-8963 for more details.