Study Skills School Assembly

Memory Madness, Memory Skills, Study skills, school assembly, memory skills assembly

A Study Skills Assembly to Help Your Students Remember Homework in HALF the Time!

This memory and study skills school assembly can help your students retain information in a fraction of the time they are used to.

Much of our schoolwork is based on remembering things: lists of presidents, facts about history, rules of grammar, mathematical formulas, and so much more.

So much is spent on memorizing all of this information, but once memorized, everything is soooo much easier!

What if there was a way to do it (memorizing things) faster?

Memory experts like Harry Lorayne have taught us that our brains are better equipped to using our imaginations to make remembering stuff easier and faster.

These experts have taught us that if we create vivid, dynamic pictures, sounds, and feelings in our minds and associate them with whatever we are trying to remember, the stuff will ‘stick’ inside our brains.

There’s just one problem with a lot of those memory experts… They’re so BORING! The way they teach is about as exciting as picking out socks.

This memory and study skills school assembly teaches easy recall techniques techniques for kids in ways that are fun and exciting!

Introducing…”Memory Madness: The Super Student Memory Show!”

This school assembly show is a riot from start to finish! Using a combination of wacky contests, silly props, goofy games, outlandish props, music, and audience participation, your students will be having so much fun they won’t even realize they are learning!

I play the role of a game show host as I control all of the craziness going on during this school assembly. After all of the laughter and games, the show climaxes with a Super Memory Showdown, where three students compete to find out who has the best memory!

The entire school assembly is highlighted by a game show set design with:

  • banners and a backdrop
  • game show set pieces
  • flashing lights,
  • even a sparkling sequined jacket worn by the host (that’s me)

Over 16 Students Get Involved In The Action!

This school show keeps the entertainment level sky-high as your students learn about the incredible memory-retaining bio-computers right underneath their hair!

Because this topic is so important, I wanted to make this as interactive as possible. Over 16 students get to volunteer during the assembly…and so does the entire audience!

This is not a boring lecture but is in fact a fast-paced zany hoot from start to finish!

Call (716) 940-8963 (that’s my cell phone) or fill out the Contact Form above to receive “Memory Madness” information immediately. You just might be bringing the most important school assembly program ever to your school.

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Memory Madness, Memory Skills, Study skills, school assembly, memory skills assembly

Memory Madness, Memory Skills, Study skills, school assembly, memory skills assembly

Memory Madness, Memory Skills, Study skills, school assembly, memory skills assembly Memory Madness, Memory Skills, Study skills, school assembly, memory skills assembly

Memory Madness, Memory Skills, Study skills, school assembly, memory skills assembly

It was entertaining and fun and the kids (as well as the adults) talked about how much fun it was for days afterward. We appreciated the number of kids you were able to include in your show and your ability to keep them engaged. You were easy to contact and always got back to us in a short time. We’ve passed along your info to the middle & high school teachers in hopes they will call you to perform for the older kids. Thank you again for coming down to West Valley and supporting our efforts in reaching kids!

Loreen Butcher & Michelle Pfeffer
West Valley, NY

Memory Madness, Memory Skills, Study skills, school assembly, memory skills assembly

The feedback from the teachers, staff, and  students was amazing. All the students, kindergarten through Fifth Grade, talked about the performance the rest of day.
The teachers felt the program was exciting and engaging for the students. They loved that you had set up on the floor of the gym and not the stage, really interacting with the students.

We will look forward to another Cris Johnson assembly program in the future.


Mary Corwin
Squantum Elementary
Quincy, MA

Thank you so much for a WONDERFUL assembly!
The kids (and teachers) can’t stop talking about it!

Mary Nenninger
John XXIII Elementary
Middletown, OH

Hi Cris-

Your assembly was above and beyond anything I ever thought!!!! I can’t thank you enough for that AMAZING assembly! The kids were engaged and loved the magic and the staff LOVED the message you sent.  They want you back!  I loved your sense of humor. Our students will remember this assembly for a very long time!

Thanks again,

Alyse Reed
New Egypt, NJ

Hi Cris,

I wanted to thank you so much for an AWESOME program!  All of the students and staff LOVED your program, and they were at the “edge of their seats” waiting to see what was next!  I think it was one of the BEST we have had here.  I look forward to talking to our PTO and having you back soon for another program, perhaps reading since that is a huge focus for us here!

Thank you again!

Carla A. Berrier, Assistant Principal
Poquoson Primary School
Poquoson, VA

"fabulous presentation"

Cris, Thank you very much for the fabulous presentation today. Both the
 students and staff thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a pleasure working with 
you. I hope to work with you again in the future.

With warm regards,

Kathleen Forando
Quaker Hill School
Quaker Hill, CT

"superb! awesome! incredible!"

‘Superb!! Awesome!! Incredible!!’ These are just some of the things said by teachers, children and parents about Cris Johnson’s performance at Court Street School in Lancaster, NY. His show was unbelievable and left everyone amazed. His ability to integrate entertainment with an educational message was phenomenal. He kept full control of the children while allowing them to relax and enjoy the show. It is rare to find a show that not only delivers a powerful message to the children, but also entertains to this degree. This is definitely a show you want to have at your school!

Mary Dettelis, PTO
Court Street Elementary School
Lancaster, NY

Our school was fortunate enough to have Cris Johnson inform and entertain our whole school last week…  We had never had an assembly pertaining to this subject.  But I can assure you that you will not be disappointed in this presentation. He captivated all of the children’s attention throughout the entire show and truly knew how to control his audience throughout his magic acts. His greatest compliment came from a child in my room who commented as we were leaving the gym by saying, “I loved that guy!”

Bonnie Montana
, Second Grade Teacher
E.R. Hughes School
New Hartford, New York