Romantic Tragedies – Adult Program

Romantic Tragedies Will Draw Adult Patrons To Your Library!

Tales of Nostalgia, Romance, And Famous Couples!
Fascinating And Unusual Artifacts!

This is a HIGHLY Interactive Program!
Strange Events Occur!

This One Hour Long, Self-Contained Program Comes to YOU!

Easy to arrange – just email Cris at
or phone 716-940-8963!

A Unique Library Program For Your Adult Programming

I’ve delivered fun-filled programs in libraries for over two decades and some of my favorite experiences have been presenting programs to adult patrons in libraries. What I’ve discovered is a simple ‘formula’ for creating a library program that captivates adults.

A good adult library program must satisfy three criteria:

  1. The program must deal with subject matter adult patrons would find appealing
  2. The topic must be of a kind that would naturally lead to adults checking out more books in the library
  3. The presenter must interact with the patrons!

My program “Romantic Tragedies” satisfies all three of these criteria!

Romantic Tragedies” is a story-driven program with tales of love, loss, and nostalgia from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. This program presents historical stories regarding famous couples such as Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Annie Oakley and Frank Butler, John Dillinger and Billie Frechette, and many others.

Cris Johnson, Romantic Tragedies, Romantic Tragedies Library Show, Library Show

Cris Johnson, Romantic Tragedies, Romantic Tragedies Library Show, Library Show

Unusual Artifacts And Unusual Occurrences…

A number of years ago, I created “New York Spirits,” a part-lecture, part-spook show program designed specifically for libraries (you can read about it HERE). That show was a smash hit, as libraries booked my Octobers solid each year.

Romantic Tragedies” is similar in that I bring with me several unusual artifacts, photographs, and memorabilia pertaining to the couples depicted in the program. Additionally, while this is not a ‘spirit’ show per se, unusual things DO happen in order to give flavor, texture, and surprise to the proceedings.

In short, your guests will remember this program for a VERY long time!

A Fascinating Look At Loves Of Yesteryear…

Nostalgia is popular with many adults. We cherish the things, people, and events we grew up with. “Romantic Tragedies” is much more than just a story-telling program….it literally puts history into the hands of your guests!

In this 60 minute program, your guests will discover:

  • Can a watch unlock the secret of ‘The Fugitive’ Sam Sheppard?
  • What will several movie postcards reveal about Charles Mattmuller?
  • Why is an old wooden box so important to the story of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall?
  • How does an old postcard harken back to Annie Oakley?
  • What link does an old license plate have to John Dillinger?
  • And more…

Hear stories of famous couples…See unusual artifacts…experience unusual events…and relive events of years past.

Romantic Tragedies” is a one-of-a-kind fascinating trip into the lives of famous couples. Your guests will not only be captivated, but they will be INVOLVED, too. In fact, many will be so fascinated by what they see and experience they will want to read even more…resulting in more books being checked out at your library!

Like my other adult library shows, this one required an extensive amount of research and because of my life-long interest in movies as well as the lives of famous people, this library program is very near and dear to my heart. Your guests will remember this program for weeks or months, guaranteed.

Romantic Tragedies” program is intended for adult audiences. It will not only draw more adult patrons to your library but will spark a desire in them to use the library to find out more about topics which really appeal to them.

Cris Johnson, Romantic Tragedies, Romantic Tragedies Library Show, Library Show

Cris Johnson, Romantic Tragedies, Romantic Tragedies Library Show, Library Show

My “Better-Than-Money-Back” Guarantee:

This is an EASY program to host: I bring my own music to set the mood, photographs of the couples, and of course the historical artifacts. The only thing I need from the library is a place to present the program! I’ve designed this show to easily fit in the coziest of meeting rooms. As always, I guarantee my programs: if you do not feel I delivered an amazing evening of nostalgia-driven entertainment of love and loss to your guests, not only will I return your check but I will also donate $500 to your library, and after 20 years of professional work, and performing an average of 350 shows a year, not a single client has ever taken me up on my guarantee.

This program is suitable for any time of year, but because of incredibly busy schedule, certain months always sells out, so to book “Romantic Tragedies,” call (716) 940-8963 (that’s my cell number) or email me at right away to lock in your preferred date.