New York Ghosts & Seances

New York Ghosts & Seances Will Draw Adult Patrons
To Your Library!

Tales of Famous Western New York Haunted Locations!

Strange & Bizarre Spirit Artifacts!

This is a HIGHLY Interactive Program!

Chilling Ghostly Encounters!

This One Hour Long, Self-Contained Program Comes to YOU!

Easy to arrange – just email Cris a or call 716-940-8963!

A Library Program Guaranteed To Draw Adults To Your Library

After delivering fun-filled, interactive programs in libraries for nearly two decades, I’ve heard librarians and library directors lament about one thing over and over: “There just aren’t very many good adult programs for libraries!”

A good adult library program must satisfy three criteria:

  1. It must include subject matter adults find appealing
  2. The subject must be something that will naturally encourage more reading in the library
  3. The program must be interactive!

My program “New York Ghosts & Seances” satisfies all three of these criteria!

Communication With The Spirit World…

Corn Hill Orphanage

Can the dead speak? Can mediums really contact “the other side?” Did these Spiritualists take advantage of peoples’ beliefs? I’m school assembly presenter and library performer Cris Johnson and I’ve been fascinated by the idea of the existence of ghosts as well as possibly communicating with them!

A number of years ago, I created “New York Spirits,” a part-lecture, part-spook show program designed specifically for libraries (you can read about it HERE). That show was a smash hit, as libraries booked my Octobers solid each year. After each performance, I always received the same question from librarians and patrons alike: ‘Do you have another spirit-related show?’

Finally…the wait is over!

More Tales Of Famous Western New York Haunted Locations…

Old Fort Niagara

After two years of research and development, I’m proud to announce my NEW spirit-themed library program, “New York Ghosts & Seances!” As the name implies, it’s more than just ghost stories and haunted locations.

As I began my research for this program, I became fascinated not only with the tales of spirits but also the ways in which mediums tried to make contact with ghosts…and in many cases, these are the same methods used today, passed down generation after generation!

Therefore, with this program, I delve into spirit communication in terms of historical methods that mediums have used over centuries of attempted spirit communication!

A Fascinating Look At How Seances Were Conducted

Sleepy Hollow

Attendees will learn many of the techniques mediums used to attempt to contact ‘the other side’, and much more. The structure of an actual séance will be revealed, along with the types of tests a medium might use to convince an audience of ‘sitters’ of his/her abilities as well as methods to reveal the presence of spirits (or at least convince their audiences that they were present) and physical evidence of ghosts.

Along the way, audience members will hear stories about more haunted locations in Western New York (like my other spirit show, this program has local appeal!), handle strange artifacts, and participate in unusual experiments.

In this 60 minute program, your guests will discover:

  • Can a device from years past detect spirits from the Summit Mansion?
  • What secrets do old photographs from Rochester Orphan Asylum reveal?
  • Why is an old key from Sleepy Hollow Cemetery so important?
  • How does a crystal symbol offer clues to the spirits of Old Fort Niagara?
  • What does an old doll reveal about the horrors of Letchworth Village?
  • Why did the House Of Death in NYC receive it’s gruesome nick-name?
  • Can an unusual photograph shed light on the mysteries of Sagamore Hotel?
  • Does an old music box hold the key of Landmark Theater?

Hear stories of New York hauntings…See unusual artifacts…experience unusual events…if you dare.

Summit Mansion

“New York Ghosts & Seances” is a fascinating trip into the lore of spiritualism in Western New York. Your guests will not only be captivated, but they will be INVOLVED, too. In fact, some just may be too frightened to participate!

Like my other spirit show, this one required an extensive amount of research and because of my interest in the spirit world dating back to my childhood, this library program is very near and dear to my heart. Your guests will talk about this program for weeks or months, guaranteed.

“New York Ghosts & Seances” program is intended for adult audiences. It will not only draw more adult patrons to your library but will spark a desire in them to use the library to find out more about topics which really appeal to them.

My “Better-Than-Money-Back” Guarantee:

Letchworth Village

This is an EASY program to host: I bring my own spooky music to set the mood, photographs of the haunted locations, and of course the spooky artifacts. The only thing I need from the library is a place to present the program! I’ve designed this show to easily fit in the coziest of meeting rooms. As always, I guarantee my programs: if you do not feel I delivered an amazing evening of chilling entertainment of haunted lore to your guests, not only will I return your check but I will also donate $500 to your library, and after 20 years of professional work, and performing an average of 250 shows a year, not a single client has ever taken me up on my guarantee.

October always sells out, and as you would imagine, that’s when most clients want to book “New York Ghosts & Spirits,” so call (716) 940-8963 (that’s my cell number) or email me at right away to lock in your preferred date.

Top 10 Reasons Library







Elementary School Assembly come again

“Thanks again for Friday night’s performance! Here’s what our patrons had to say: ‘I enjoyed putting the props with the stories, it made it seem more real that way!’, ‘The doll in the cage scared the **** outta me!’, ‘I loved everything he said!’, ‘When is he coming again?'”

Heide Robinson, Library Director
Wimodaughsian Library
Canisteo, NY

Elementary School Assembly flexible

“Cris was a very self-sufficient and flexible performer. The audience was very engaged and entertained, with several true shocks and surprises. Great mix of history, surprises, and the supernatural.”

Kirstra Otto, Librarian
Greece Public Library
Greece, NY

Elementary School Assembly entertaining educational

“This was one of our most popular programs of the year! Our patrons enjoyed the audience participation and were very happy with the program. Highly entertaining and educational. Thank you so much!”

Carol Ellen Kowalik-Happy, Librarian
Olean Public Library
Olean, NY

“I loved your program–it was a great mix of spooky and fascinating and informational. The patrons loved it, too! The props were amazing! I was thinking about them all weekend. It was great to work with you–your online forms were very helpful and you always responded very promptly to emails. Thanks so much!”

Amy Henderson, Adult Services Librarian
Irondequoit Public Library
Rochester, NY

Elementary School Assembly great program

“Thank you again for the great program. Here are some of the comments from our patrons that attended: ‘Very Entertaining,’ ‘Clever way to tell stories – loved the artifacts,’ ‘It was a fun hour-great time of year for the subject matter.’ Everyone thought you did a good job.”

Melissa Lindberg, Librarian
Clifton Springs Library
Clifton Springs, NY

Elementary School Assembly mindboggling

“It was mind-boggling – I don’t know how you did what you did! It was awesome, I loved it!”

Stacy Wicksall, Library Directory
Macedon Public Library
Macedon, NY

Elementary School Assembly interesting informative

“It was a great performance! He kept me wondering what was next! Cris was very knowledgeable. I thought it was very interesting and informative.”

Nancy Raymond, Library Director
Genesee Public Library
Little Genesee, NY

Elementary School Assembly, new york spirits, library show, Cris Johnson library shows, adult programs

“This is a perfect program to get in the ‘spirit’ of the Halloween season. The way the ‘artifacts’ come to life is amazing! Cris is a joy to work with. I can’t wait to host one of his programs again. Great program!”

Glenice Peel, Library Supervisor
Big Flats Library
Big Flats, NY

Elementary School Assembly, new york spirits, library show, Cris Johnson library shows, adult programs

“Teens and adults loved the Spirits program. They jumped when the spooky artifacts moved on their own. They leaned forward in their chairs during the stories and demonstrations. Cris is great to work with – he helped arrange tables, talked at length with the teens afterward, and was very engaging.”

Doris Jean Metzger, Teen Librarian
Steele Memorial Library
Elmira, NY

Elementary School Assembly storytelling, new york spirits, library show, Cris Johnson library shows, adult programs

“Cris Johnson does an excellent job captivating and entertaining the audience. His storytelling is superb. It’s clear he knows his material well and does a wonderful job educating while entertaining. I jumped in my seat more than once as his paranormal happenings thrilled and entertained.”

Tina Dalton, Youth Services Coordinator
Cuba Circulating Library
Cuba, NY

new york spirits, library show, Cris Johnson library shows, adult programs

“Last night’s event was such a great experience – I had patrons coming up to me afterward wanting you to come back for another program. There are typically two types of programs – ones that are interesting and ones that are fun. ‘New York Spirits’ was that rare experience of being both. With your retelling of New York’s interesting history paired with the surprising spooks the show had to offer, every left engaged and happy.”

Patrick Montanaro, Library Director
Ogden Farmers’ Library
Spencerport, NY

“WOW! Thank you SO MUCH for the fantastic, incredible performance you gave with your New York Spirits program at the Eden Library on Halloween night. Attendance exceeded our expectations and your rapport with the audience kept everyone on the edge of their seats! Patrons loved the show. You did a fantastic job engaging everyone in the tales – I’m hearing so much great feedback from community members who attended and even MORE buzz from those who didn’t make it (lots of ‘well, when is he coming back?’) We truly appreciate your taking time to visit us that evening. I’m definitely looking forward to working with you again!”

Donna-Jo Webster, Library Director
Eden, NY

Elementary School Assembly great

“Fascinating history of sites, regardless of whether you believe in ghosts or not! Great thrills and scares!”

Theresa Streb, Library Director
Lyons Public Library
Lyons, NY