Constitution Day School Assembly

Cris Johnson, Uncle Sam Comedy Jam, American History School Assembly, School Assembly

This Constitution Day School Assembly Makes Learning About History FUN!

(And Takes Pressure Off Your Teachers!)

Want a Constitution Day Assembly that will keep your students engaged AND teach them about how our government was formed?

Assembly programs about history have a tough hill to climb when it comes to engaging children.

That’s where “Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam” comes in!

Your students will be captivated from the moment they enter the assembly area and see the beautiful set design – patriotic banners, backdrop, and patriotic music playing.

And then when the show begins, they see me…dressed like Uncle Sam in patriotic clothes and hat! This school assembly is unforgettable!

Cris Johnson, Uncle Sam Comedy Jam, American History School Assembly, School AssemblyThis one-of-a-kind assembly program focuses on the incredible chain of events that led to the writing of the Constitution.

The way we get there is what will have your kids laughing, clapping, and cheering the wacky stunts, comedy skits, magic, and birthday presents.

Birthday presents?! Yup.

At the end of the assembly, ten students are invited to the stage to open ten birthday present gift bags to reveal the ten gifts that our Constitution gives us every day. It’s whimsical, fun, and most of all, memorable.

Oh, did I mention the Statue Of Liberty makes an appearance? It’s true – she magically appears from a giant empty gift box in the beginning of the show!

Okay, I confess – it’s not the REAL Statue of Liberty… rather, it’s one of YOUR students dressed up in a Statue of Liberty costume. It’s an incredible moment your students and teachers will remember for years!

There’s plenty more, too:

  • The three branches of government become a “dangerous” stunt that guarantees your students will remember that the concept of “balance of power” each of the three share their powers equally.
  • Powerade becomes a fun way to help the kids learn about popular sovereignty.
  • You’ll watch them scream with excitement and your teachers will praise the way the comedy, stunts, and magic illustrate these lessons.

This Constitution Day School Assembly Will Lighten The Workload For Your School’s Teachers

Uncle Sam Show AudienceYour school’s teachers will love this assembly because of the federal law that requires schools to teach the U.S. Constitution each school year.

Well, the “Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam” Constitution Day school assembly fulfills that need and takes pressure off of your teachers… and it’s hysterical fun, too!

As you know, Constitution Day is September 17th (thus the dates in the beginning of the school year always sell out) but this school assembly is perfect for any time of the year when your school wants to focus on American history in a fun way.

This program is great for the dates around Memorial Day, Presidents’ Day, Veterans’ Day, elections, and so much more. And, as a “freebie,” I’ll even send you Teacher Support Materials your teachers can use to satisfy the federal requirements.

Cris Johnson, Uncle Sam Comedy Jam, American History School Assembly, School Assembly

Cris Johnson, Uncle Sam Comedy Jam, American History School Assembly, School Assembly

Cris Johnson, Uncle Sam Comedy Jam, American History School Assembly, School Assembly

Over A Dozen Students Join Me Onstage

Here’s What Is Covered During “Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam”:

  • The Declaration of Independence
  • The Constitutional Convention
  • Amendments and Rules
  • Democratic Values
  • Separation and Balance of Powers
  • Shays’ Rebellion
  • The Framers

  • Common Good, Justice, Equality
  • The Constitution & Bill of Rights
  • The Articles of Confederation
  • Problems of the Colonists
  • Patriotism and Symbols of Freedom
  • The 3 Branches of Government
  • The Thirteen Colonies

“This Sounds Great! Now What?”

Give your teachers a gift and make their jobs easier by scheduling this American History assembly show for your elementary school.

I promise your teachers will thank you and your students, from kindergarten through sixth grade, will have a great time…guaranteed!

Call me at (716) 940-8963 (that’s my cell phone) or fill out the Contact Form above to have “Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam” emailed to you instantly!





Dear School Counselor, Cris Johnson, School Assembly





Cris Johnson, Uncle Sam Comedy Jam, American History School Assembly, School Assembly

“It was a pleasure to have you at our school. The Kindergarten and First Grade students were highly engaged throughout the programs. You maintained the students attention with great pace and delivery. You were very interactive with kids and made it fun for them as you made the material about our government age appropriate for our students. I received many compliments from our staff and they asked me when will you be returning. Great job!”

Arthur J. Savokinas
Primary Center Principal
Pittston, PA

“Cris, our students loved your ‘Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam’ Assembly. The humor and magic tricks kept students excited and fascinated! The historical content was meaningful and well-presented in a way students could grasp the concepts. We will definitely have you back. Thanks again!”

Mike Trimelon, Assistant Principal
Bedford Elementary School
Bedford, PA

American History Assembly Testimonials-01

“Mr. Johnson visited our K-6 school at Samson Elementary and did three programs for our school. All comments from teachers and students were great! We are already planning to have him back at the beginning of the next school year. His presentations are tasteful and age-appropriate. I would recommend him to any school!”

Donna Kirkpatrick, Principal
Samson Elementary
Samson, Alabama

American History Assembly Testimonials-02

“Thank you for coming to our school. We were really excited to kick-off Read Across America Week with your assembly. Our students were engaged and excited during the whole assembly. I’ve heard students discussing your magic tricks with each other too! Thanks again!”

Danielle Dunn, Teacher
West Shore School District
Rossmoyne Elementary

American History Assembly Testimonials-03

“I want to thank you so much! I talked to one of the other ptsa members today. She told me that her daughter ran in from school saying “thank you,thank you,thank you!” She asked for what? Her daughter replied “because we had an awesome assembly and the man told me to thank the ptsa for having him there.” At the bus stop all the kids were talking about it. They all loved it! Thank you for an amazing assembly!”

Renee Ferretti, PTSA
Klem Road North Elementary
Webster, NY

American History Assembly Testimonials-04

“Hi Cris, Thanks so much for coming to our school. Our students loved it! At our faculty meeting this morning, I asked teachers to give me one word to describe your performance. Here is a list of what they came up with. Many of these words were repeated several times: energetic, engaging, fun, kid-friendly, zany, entertaining, interactive, encouraging, unique, and magical.”

Chris Benz, Reading Specialist
Klem Road South Elementary
Webster, NY

American History Assembly Testimonials-05

“First, let me say ‘Thank You!’ for your entertaining and meaningful presentation and second, let me recommend you to all school districts across the nation who need a good way to talk to their students and make the messages stick! Each show you did was tailored to the age group and your ability to ‘read’ every audience was outstanding. The magic was fun and came with a useful message. For days after the event I heard from school administrators that they enjoyed the assemblies and felt it was money well spent. It was evident that Cris takes his performances very seriously and strives for engagement of all. By including children, teachers, and administrators in his program, he was able to personalize the message and at the same time make everything fun.”

Andrea Aldinger, Director of Aging And Youth Services
Wyoming County Youth Bureau
Wyoming, NY


American History Assembly Testimonials-06

Cris, thank you for providing the GInther Elementary students with a wonderful performance last Friday.  The feedback from the teachers was all very positive.  Some of the comments were:

“I love how engaged the kids were during the entire performance and how funny he was.”  “It was a great show.” “He kept the kids engaged and excited.” “He was entertaining and engaging.”  “He played very well to our primary audience.” “Comedy was very appropriate for our building.” “The kids loved it.””It was awesome and super kid friendly.” “We loved him and hope he comes back.” “I loved the connections to reading and the magic words.” “Very engaging.” ” I liked how he included the audience participation.” “Super Cute!!”  All of the teachers who responded to our survey, said they would like to have you again.

Thanks again and we look forward to having you visit the Brockport GInther School again.

Jane Wood, Speech and Language Pathologist
Ginther Elementary School
Brockport, NY

American History assembly, history school assembly, Cris Johnson, Uncle Sam's Comedy Jam

“Cris, thanks for the super program, my students enjoyed it. I had several staff members remark that it was an awesome show. You made learning about the U.S history fun and enjoyable. Again great program!”

Brian Williams, Principal
Newport Elementary School
Newport, PA