Bridge Science And English With These Fun Reads

Science Matters... In "Science: A Solid Foundation For Life" I pointed out that we should teach early elementary school children ...
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Teaching Science To Elementary Students

Science: A Solid Foundation For Life When you build a house, you start with the foundation. The same concept can ...
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Tis the Season…For Science!

STEM-ucation: The Essentials of Science Think back to elementary school. What was your favorite subject? English? Math? Spanish? You might ...
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Spread Cheer With These Great Holiday Books

December Holidays Around The World When we speak of diversity within the classroom, we usually think racial diversity. But what ...
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Trick-Or-Treat Yourself To These Halloween Safety Tips

Something Wicked This Way Comes Boys and girls of every age Wouldn't you like to see something strange? Come with ...
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Wickedly Good Reads For All Ages

I Put A Spell On You Whether it's Harry Potter saving the wizarding world or Ramona Quimby surviving elementary school, ...
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Teach Diversity, Not Division

Promote Diversity To Encourage Anti-Bullying Behavior Every parent and teacher understands that children mimic. They want to be like us, ...
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We Teach History Because History Teaches Us

We Teach History Because History Teaches Us Think about the last book you read. What about that book kept you ...
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Put The “Story” Back In “History”

History Has Its Eyes On You History has always been exciting (at least for me!) but thanks to the success ...
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Step Away From The Screen

Less Screen Time - More Sun Time! Screens are so commonplace in today's society that we don’t give them much ...
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Five Ways to Help Kids Develop Stronger Study Habits

The Days Are Numbered–School Days That Is! The end of the school year is around the corner which means two ...
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