The Most Essential Factors of Good Parenting

As a parent or soon-to-be parent, you are bound to hear your share of parenting advice through everyday conversations and ...
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Does Your Family Have A Safety Plan

Does Your Family Have a Safety Plan? If Not, Now is the Time to Make One In the midst of ...
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Turn Your Garden Into A Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

If you feel like you aren't seeing as many monarch butterflies as you remember seeing 5, 10, or 20 years ...
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5 Activities to Share with Your Kids to Help the Environment

Author Bio: Ryan Howard runs Smart Parent Advice, a site that provides parenting advice for moms and dads. Ryan writes ...
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Cris Johnson, challenge of single fatherhood, fatherhood

Rising to the Challenge of Single Fatherhood

Rising to the Challenge of Single Fatherhood Being a parent in a two-parent home is challenging enough, but when the ...
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Fun Ideas for Families Who Are Ready 
to Battle Nature-Deficit Disorder

Experts are saying we don’t get enough time in the great outdoors these days, and parents are taking note. However, ...
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Cris Johnson, hobbies benefit children, children's hobbies

Hobbies Offer Lifelong Benefits for Children

by Carrie Spencer | The Spencers Adventures When your child finds something that piques their interest, there are many things ...
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Cris Johnson, Earth Day, kids and the environment, save the environment, pollution solution, virtual ecology assemblies

5 Things Kids Can Do to Save the Environment

I’ll never forget the day I almost started a riot at an elementary school. Truthfully, I was extremely proud of ...
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7 Study Tips for Kids

“Study hard, get good grades!” Does this sound familiar? I remember being told this a lot as a kid. It ...
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Virtual School Assembly: Limitless Potential

The Easy Accessibility of a Virtual School Assembly Living in the digital age it's almost surprising to think it took ...
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School: It’s Not Just For Kids

We tend to think about education as something for the 18 and under crowd. But the fact is, even those ...
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Shake Up Your Homeschooling Routine

4 Ideas for Staycations That Will Shake Up Your Homeschooling Routine by Carrie Spencer | The Spencers Adventures No matter ...
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